Our Top 3 Reef Safe Sunscreens

Why is it important to use reef safe sunscreens?

When you go into the ocean, some of the sunscreen comes off of your skin and reacts with the saltwater.  Common sunscreen ingredients have been found to whiten, damage, and kill coral. You still make an impact on our marine ecosystems even if you are not near coral reefs.

So what can you do?

Many sunscreens now come in chemical free options that are approved to be gentle on the reef and on your skin.  Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 10-15 minutes before going in the water so that the lotion absorbs into your skin.

Our Reef Safe Sunscreen Recommendations

1. Goddess Garden Organics Everyday SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen

This water resistant sunscreen is thin in consistency, which makes it spread easily.  

Goddess Garden Organics Vegan and Biodegradable Sport SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen, Lotion, 3.4 Ounce

2. Stream2Sea SPF 20 Sport Sunscreen

Stream2Sea invests in testing on corals and fish to make sure their product is non toxic to marine life.  This sunscreen goes on white and needs to be rubbed in well.

Stream2Sea biodegradable, tested and proven reef safe sunscreen for face & body, mineral sunblock with SPF 30 UVA/UVB

3. Badger Sunscreen

This sunscreen is organic and only uses five ingredients; sunflower seed oil, beeswax, seabuckthorn fruit extract, vitamin E, and non-nano uncoated zinc oxide.  It is a very thick sunscreen and stays on in the water. 


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