Meet Some of Our Ambassadors

Jade Gabrielle West goes by Gabby. She is from Alabama and spends a lot of time on the beautiful Gulf Coast!  She is currently in college, but always makes time to run off to the beach. She loves all kinds of fashion. One of the things she looks for most when shopping is versatility. She loves being able to mix and match in order to make her own unique style. It's hard to describe her style because she likes to switch it up so much.  She believes that the one thing you should always wear is, of course, a smile!


Emma Brand Ambassador

Emma is a 21 year old student from Ottawa, Canada and loves the sun, beaches and spending time petting dogs. She spends most of her free time staying up late watching movies or crafting with her friends! She loves laughing, making people smile and wants to change the world with a movie. She hopes to one day move to LA but in the meantime she will just settle for vacationing there. 


Lagoa Girl Brand Ambassador

Brittney is 19 years old and from Bakersfield, CA.  She loves Jesus, the beach, and sunshine. She enjoys just laying in the sand for hours and hours. Some may say that Brittany is an ice cream enthusiast/candy addict/cat lady. She loves to laugh and likes to think that she is pretty funny.  Brittany enjoys traveling, dancing around to fun music, and binge watching Gossip Girl.  She is a die hard Justin Bieber fan and also loves Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Brittney is currently in college and living every day to the fullest.  


Ellarose Ambassador   

Ellarose lives in the small, Sierra Nevada town of Nevada City where they have lakes, rivers, and towering trees. She enjoys reading books, eating good food, and spending most of her time in nature. Her favorite way to spend warm summer days is at the Yuba River soakin' up the sun. 


Lagoa Brand Ambassador

Nicole is a uni student from Singapore currently studying psychology. She spends most of her free time at the beaches in Sentosa (off mainland Singapore). Her motto is bandeau tops + cheeky bottoms for life! :)


Christina Brand Ambassador

Christina is 19 years old from West Chester, Pennsylvania. She enjoys running, working out, the beach, and family. Her favorite food is chicken and she loves animals. She spends her free time hiking to find cool places to take photos. She also loves music, sings, and plays piano. She is currently in college and eventually wants to go to medical school.


Cam Brand Ambassador

Cam is originally from Texas where she spent the majority of her life, but is currently a New Yorker. She is a twenty-two year old working for a fashion marketing company in Saratoga Springs, NY.  She loves being on a boat on the water, anytime, anywhere! She lives in bathing suits from Lagoa during her summers. One day she will live in California because she prefers less snow and more bikini time!! She is the happiest near water xxxx :) 









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