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So, you booked your trip and are super excited to leave!  Now it’s time to figure out everything you will need on your beach vacay.  I absolutely love traveling and have been to so many amazing places.  I recently spent two years living in Brazil and traveling during every holiday.  I soon realized that schlepping lots of luggage was a total bummer!!!

After my trip to Ilha Grande, I told myself that I would never bring too much luggage again!  I was living in Campinas, Brazil at the time and couldn’t wait to see the beautiful island of Ilha Grande.  The closet flight to Ilha Grande landed in Rio de Janeiro.  We then took a bus to Angra do Reis.  There, we had to get a teeny boat to cruise over to the island.  Upon arrival to the island, we realized that roads did not exist.  I rolled and schlepped my heavy luggage through the sand to get to our pousada (a small hotel in Brazil).  We finally made it and I was desperate for a cocktail.  During this trip, I realized that you really don’t need a lot on a beach vacay, so why schlep those large bags everywhere and torture yourself?


Here is your GO-TO BEACH VAY-CAY checklist:


The right bag - Make sure it's durable, easy to carry, and that it can hold everything on this checklist. The ideal carry on bag has a large body with a lot of pockets to keep everything separate.
3 swimsuits - Let’s be honest.  You will be spending most of your time in a bikini or one piece!  Bring three to make sure you have a dry one to wear each day!
7 pairs of underwear
3 bras and 1 sports bra
3 dresses/rompers - (1 “going out” dress and two daytime beachy dresses or rompers)  They are super cute, keep you cool, and an entire outfit in one piece!!
3 tops and 2 bottoms - Coordinate the colors of your outfits to mix and match your tops and bottoms creating more outfits. Your color palette should include at least one or two neutrals to make it easy.
Jewelry - You can easily dress your outfits up with some jewelry.  Go from day to night in the same outfit!
1 yoga/workout top & bottom -in case you go for a hike or want to be comfy
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of walking/exercise shoes
1 sunhat
1 bottle of sunscreen - A MUST HAVE!
Sample sizes of your cosmetics
Toiletries - Pack the toiletries you normally use in small travel size bottles
1 blanket scarf - This is great for changes in temperature.  Some planes are CHILLY!
1 tablet - You need to be entertained during your travels, right?  Download a few books, movies, and podcasts.


A few tips I’ve learned from my travels:

1. Try to wear your your heaviest items on the plane so that you don’t have to stuff them into your carry-on.
2. Use the rolling method - Rolling your clothes is a great way to save space, particularly when compared to folding all of your clothes. It also is less likely to create wrinkles.
3. Enjoy everyday and take it all in.  
4. Be proud of yourself for packing like a pro!


    How To Pack For a Beach Vacation

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    Do  you want to double check and make sure you have all the necessities?

    Check out this great checklist by Real Simple.

    Not going on a beach vacay?

    Check out this list by Forbes on how to travel anywhere with a carry on.

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