7 Ways To Be an Eco Friendly Beach Bum

Hey beach babes!!  Summer is here and that means we will be spending much of our time in bikinis at the beach.  The beach is home; a place where we can relax and enjoy the day. Sadly, our beaches are suffering enormously from the effects of pollution. Let’s do our part to be eco friendly beach bums this summer!


In honor of #WorldOceansDay we wanted to share a few tips to remind you about easy ways to preserve our oceans and beaches.


  1. Use reusable bags and water bottles - NO PLASTIC - I think we all know about this one, but it is always good to be reminded and share with others.

  2. Don’t use plastic straws - Plastic straws block the airways of marine life if they get caught in their noses.  

  3. Don’t collect shells  - Taking shells from the beach increases erosion and causes a decrease in the number of animals and plants that depend on the shells.

  4. Use biodegradable sunscreen - A common ingredient in most sunscreens causes bleaching and DNA damage to coral.  Reef Safe, Coral Safe, and Tropical Sands are a couple of options that are biodegradable.

  5. Leave the beach cleaner than it was before you arrived - Be the best beach garbage picker you can be. Pick it up and others will follow!

  6. Invest in eco friendly beach gear - Everything you bring to the beach should be reusable.

  7. Stay off the sand dunes - Sand dunes prevent beach erosion and protect the coast from storms and waves.


Want to get involved in protecting our beaches and oceans this summer? Become a coastal defender for Surfrider Foundation.  Check out their website to find a chapter near you.  They are always looking for volunteers.


Happy #WorldOceansDay


Photo from https://newportbeach.surfrider.org/beach-cleanups

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