5 Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Labor Day is all about relaxing, celebrating, and having FUN! We know some of you already have fab plans, but for those who don’t, we’ve got you covered.  It’s time to take advantage of your day off.

1. Take a Road Trip

There is something about a last minute road trip that is so spontaneous and exciting.  Go all out and rent a convertible to make the most of your trip. Sightseeing along the California coastline is definitely one for the bucket list. One of the best things about a road trip is that you can move at your own pace.  The drive IS the adventure.  With no plans in mind, you decide whatever feels right in that moment.  If California isn’t an option, plan a road trip or long drive near you. Maybe there’s a state close to you that you’ve been wanting to visit.

Labor Day Road Trip

2. Head to the Beach

Invite your closest friends and/or family, bring music, food, a grill (if the beach allows), beach blankets, towels, paddle ball, bags, surf boards, or whatever else you love to do. Take this day to chill with the people you love most.

Labor Day Beach BBQ

3. Be a Tourist For a Day in Your Own City

This is your chance to try the restaurants, museums, zoos, shops, or events that you’ve been meaning to try but never seem to get to.  What about booking a hotel room with an amazing pool so you can just relax and sip on Rose? Maybe you want to jump on that sightseeing open roof bus that you see driving around your city everyday.  What have you been meaning to do in your city?

LA Broad Museum Labor Day

4. Search for Last Minute Deals on Flights

If you really just want to get away and don’t care where you go, you can always check out last-minute Groupon specials, deals on Southwest Airlines, or other sites such as Kayak and Booking.  You can get some great deals and visit a city you that wasn’t even on your radar.

Labor Day Last Minute Flight Ideas

5. Take a Long Bike Ride with Your Bestie or Boyfriend

Biking with the wind in your face can be one of the greatest stress relievers ever. Look for scenic bike trails in your area to explore.  Pack a lunch or plan to stop at a cute restaurant along the way to make a day of it.

Labor Day Bike Rides

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