11 Questions with Model, Vlogger, and Stylist, Cam McMullen

Hey babes! Welcome to our interview series, 11 Questions With. This month’s spotlight is model, vlogger, and stylist, Cam McMullen. This fashionable, bikini lovin' babe began modeling as a way to combine all of her creative abilities. Today, Cam opens up about her typical day, personal style, and why it's so important to stay true to yourself. Let’s start chatting!


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1. What is a typical day in the life of Cam McMullen?
A day in the life of Cam McMullen....honestly this changes every single day. Each day is never the same. Since I live almost two separate lives with my modeling career and professional career, I never know what to expect! A typical day in the life of "Model Cam" would be an early morning filled with a light breakfast and green tea! I'd probably fill my head with either a book or one of my favorite Netflix shows. I try to avoid social media in the mornings! I prefer getting the gym over with in the morning because it wakes me up, gets me energized, and I have the rest of the day ahead of me! The rest of my day is pretty unpredictable! I may have a photoshoot or commercial, several castings, an agency meeting, or I may (very rarely) get the day off! 
2. What three words best describe you?
Imaginative, Patient, Hardworking
3. Who or what inspired you to start modeling, vlogging, and styling?
I get this question a lot and honestly it is a hard one to answer! I have always been inspired by creativity such as writing, music, and art my entire life. Modeling was a way for me to combine all of my creative abilities together! A lot of people view modeling as a very simple task or job, but it combines so many artistic abilities together. It is literally art itself! I stay inspired by GiGi Hadid. She has taken the entire fashion industry by storm and is an amazing representation of a well-rounded model in all aspects! The rest of my work stemmed from staying up to date in the industry. Most well-known models now don't just model. They are fashion designers, creative directors, dj's, and writers! This really inspired me to spread my wings and expand more on my abilities! That's when I became interested in vlogging/blogging, styling, and creative directing! 


Lagoa Swim Interview - Cam McMullen
4. We are huge fans of your Instagram. Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving an aesthetically beautiful Instagram page?
Thank you so much! Honestly, I feel like I get really annoyed when I try to keep up with the fad of having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed! As a model, I find it hard because I work so many different jobs with so many photographers with all different styles. It's literally impossible to have one aesthetic or style! I focus on showing my followers an array of my work and abilities as a model. I find myself happier when I am just posting exactly what I want to post, not what I think others want to see!
5. What was the best piece of advice you ever got?
My mom: "Always stay true to yourself." This is a piece of advice that has gotten me exactly where I am. It's really easy to lose yourself in this industry and to turn into someone or something you are not. The pressures and stereotypes that come with being a model have truly tested me. With constant travels and meeting new people, remembering who you are and where you came from is one of the most important things I have carried with me for 22 years. It's showed me things that I thought I really wanted, but didn't need. It's removed me from places and people I know I don't need, and it's truly brought me back down to earth in times of need! Being true to who you are is always #1.
6. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
That I live at home with 5 of my family members! Social media portrays such a small percentage of your life and I feel like my followers probably assume that I live some carefree life traveling and taking photos in bikinis all day, but that truly is not the case! I finished college while living in L.A, moved home, and got a professional job in public relations that I now juggle with my modeling career!!


Lagoa Swim Interview - Cam McMullen
7. How would you describe your personal style?
Sporty, versatile, and all across the board. HAHA I have such a hard time with personal style because it is ALWAYS changing. I get to experiment with so many different types of fashion which has really expanded my fashion eye and made me interested in both sides of the fashion spectrum! BUT....I am an addict of sneakers, outerwear, and distressed denim!
8. Can you share some tips for others looking to get into modeling?
Honestly, everyone's journey is different! The way I got to where I am may not be the same way others get there.  My best advice is to stay consistent and up-to-date! Don't expect handouts or someone else to get you there. You have to invest in order to be successful! As long as your doing something every single day to positively impact your end goal, you will get there! Always remember people grow at different paces and to never compare your journey to someone else's journey!
Lagoa Swim Interview - Cam McMullen
9. What’s your secret to staying in shape?
First, fix your diet. Then, fix your daily activity.  If you're eating crap but slaving at the gym, chances are you will get nowhere. If you're eating like a rabbit, but sitting your butt on the couch, chances are you will get nowhere! You must change your habits in more than one way to see any changes!!! My advice, stop being lazy and stop making excuses!!!!!
10. What styles do you prefer when bikini shopping?  Can you share your favorite piece from our new collection?  
When I am looking for bikinis, I look for something that isn't going to give me any crazy tan lines because I love love love a good golden tan. I'm also obviously always looking for maximum comfort!!!! My favorite piece from Lagoa's 2018 collection has got to be the Zara top paired with the Bea bottom! This was definitely one of my favorite suits that I modeled during the campaign I shot with you guys! It is so comfortable, fits and supports in all the right places, and gives you minimal tan lines! 


11. Words to live by?
"Change your mindset.
Educate yourself.
Stay Positive.
Cut shitty people off.
Eat Healthy.
Focus on your goals.
Spend more time alone.
Read books.
Drink more water.
Take care of your skin."


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