11 Questions with Bikini Blogger, Adriana Valencia of A Little Bikini

Hey babes! Welcome to the first interview in our new series, 11 Questions With. This week’s spotlight is Venezuelan bikini blogger, Adriana Valencia. This busy babe combined her passions for creative writing, bathing suits, and marketing to create A Little Bikini. Today, Adriana opens up about her typical day, inspo behind the blog, and advice for future bloggers. Let’s start chatting!

11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini

1. What is a typical day in the life of Adriana Valencia? 
I actually wake up at 5 am everyday (except weekends). I work from home doing digital marketing for different clients that are located all over the world. So, because of the time difference, I am up pretty early. I work from 5-9 am, then take my 3 rescue dogs to the park, head to the gym, and have breakfast. By 12 pm, I am back at my computer working until like 3pm. Then, I make lunch for my boyfriend and I.  Sometimes I go to the gym again at night. Most people think the blog is my "job," but sadly it's not...yet!
11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini
2. What 3 words best describe you?
Honest, funny, and driven.
3. Who or what inspired you to start A Little Bikini? 
I've always been obsessed with bathing suits, but what girl isn't? I actually felt the need to create the blog as "me time". When I started the blog (2 years ago), I had actually gotten laid off from my dream job, was finishing my 2nd Master's degree, and was struggling with panic disorder. I was all over the place. I decided to do something I loved for once. I've always enjoyed creative writing, bathing suits, and marketing/communications was my career... so why not join them all and put all the efforts in ME? And, here we are 2 years later and I couldn't be happier.

11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini
4. We are huge fans of your Instagram. Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving an aesthetically beautiful Instagram page? 
Honestly, I am learning as I go. There's no right or wrong, nor a manual. I pretty much post what I love and play with Lightroom filters to have a flow of colors.
 11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini
5. What was the best piece of advice you ever got? 
"Don't wait for the boat to get to you...swim out to it"
6. What’s your secret to staying in bikini ready shape year round? 
I work out...A LOT...but I do eat tons of sweets. Everything is about balance. I also feel like the fact that I am a vegetarian helps me stay in shape.
7. What do you miss most about your country of Venezuela?  Do you visit often? 
I haven't been to Venezuela in 10 years. Sadly, the political situation doesn't allow me to. What I miss the most is my family that is still there and the food.
8. Can you share some tips for others looking to get into blogging? 
Be patient and don't give up! It doesn't happen from one day to another. Just enjoy the process and everything will find its place.
  11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini
9. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? 
I have 2 Master's degrees in marketing and communications, 5 certificates in digital media and client acquisition, and 2 licenses is cosmetology :) Not just a pretty girl in a bikini.
10. What styles do you prefer when bikini shopping?  Can you share your favorite piece from our new collection? 
I actually love one pieces, but this year I've been eyeing tons of two pieces. Well, I am obsessing over your Zara top and Gosia bottom. Love that it's reversible and the tie front is perfection.
11. Words to live by? 
What's meant to be, will be.


11 Questions With Bikini Blogger Adriana Valencia Of A Little Bikini

Be sure to check out Adriana's blog, A Little Bikini and follow her Instagram!

Who would you like to see me interview for our next 11 Questions With?

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