10 Reasons Why You Need a Little Black Bikini in Your Life

Here are a few reasons why every girl needs a LBB (Little Black Bikini)


      1. Black is timeless, you’ll never get sick of it!
      2. It is an easy go-to bikini that looks great for any occasion.
      3. Little black bikinis go well with any skin tone.
      4. LBBs look good with any cover up— a pair of denim shorts, sarong, romper, etc!
      5. Black bikinis last longer than any other color in terms of fading and stains, so they are definitely worth the money!
      6. You don’t ever have to worry about a your LBB being see through.
      7. Little black bikinis are perfect staples for mixing and matching with other colors and prints.
      8. The LBB is flattering on all body types. Seriously! Our seamless black bikinis are slimming and give you curves where you need them to be.
      9. LBBs that reverse to a cute print and have a pocket to stash your valuables give you even more options.
      10. Because no matter how many cute prints and colors you have, you always end up wearing your LBB.


Click the photos below to shop for the perfect LBB now!





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